• Added Vehicle Manager
  • Added Ride Merging
  • Support for Balance Input Configuration
  • Display signal strength with BLE scan results
  • Prefer GPS option is applied outside log viewer
  • Improve BLE connectivity
  • Other fixes


  • Fix average speed computation in share file summary
  • Do not re-display connection dialog if dismissed
  • Resetting BLE buffer if data alignment is lost
  • Allow more time for initialization messages to be received
  • Widen time & distance column of RideLogging listView
  • Fix FOC wizard’s battery amps text controllers
  • Start BMS cell count from 1
  • Display balancing cells with positive value and orange color
  • Hiding BMS SoC when value equals 50% for Flexi users
  • Using radio selection for Single, Dual, Quad ESC modes


  • Allow GPS speed and distance to be displayed in log
  • Long press log entry to view quick statistics
  • Display Fahrenheit temperatures in log viewer when enabled
  • Fix wheel diameter conversion
  • Fix initial Volts gauge value
  • Other fixes and improvements
  • Including Robogotchi 0.10.1 firmware


  • Fix max temperature realtime gauge (oops)
  • Testing fix for backgrounded iOS disconnects


  • Added Help & Support dialog to the menu
  • Implement syncstart command
  • Display board avatar on map with chart selection
  • Display max battery amps on map
  • Improved dialog for selected map events
  • Fix for known devices after importing data backup
  • Improvements to the sync process
  • Testing fix for backgrounded iOS disconnects


  • Fix battery remaining (sorry)
  • Fix watt hours/distance on graph with imperial enabled
  • Removed dismiss message from connection dialog


  • Added feature to export and import your FreeSK8 state
  • Moved configuration tab to end of list
  • Added UTC offset to log file header
  • Display Icon in AppBar when performing Sync
  • Fix flicker smart BMS cell data
  • Fix flickering board avatar in configuration view
  • Retry file if sync produces incorrect file size
  • Fix logic for determining maximum ESC temp with multiple ESCs
  • Fix long floating point values in input configuration
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Fix Android picture taking permission
  • Fix long decimal values in log viewer
  • Average speed computed when moving
  • Fix battery remaining when charged >100%
  • Make shared debug log easier to read
  • Display Single, Dual or Quad with Wh/distance
  • Ask to stop if logging when performing sync
  • Address Flutter 2.0 depreciations
  • Other improvements


  • All the same greatness as 0.14.0 without the failure to launch
  • Fixed build issue causing Bluetooth to not work
  • Updated project dependencies


  • Display Robogotchi priority alert status
  • Display Robogotchi audio snooze duration
  • Allow Robogotchi snooze duration to be set
  • Show distance with ride log entries
  • Fixes for decimal input using ‘,’
  • Fixes for sync with invalid contents
  • Fix display of new telemetry packet
  • Fix order of operations for Wh/time calculation
  • Compute ESC speed and distance with log files
  • Fixes for gear ratio and wheel diameter input
  • Fixes for chart in log file viewer
  • Update charting library
  • Upgrade to Flutter 2.0
  • Rename ESC Configurator to Motor Configuration
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Send and expect UTC time from Robogotchi
  • Show map icon for current graph selection
  • Requesting battery_level from ESC
  • Cosmetic changes to Calendar view


  • Fix processing of duty cycle when parsing logs
  • Display logged distance and energy consumption
  • Fix length of battery and motor current values in real time data


  • Process GPS time synchronization from log files
  • Create debug log that can be shared with developers
  • Automatically include timezone with Robogotchi configuration
  • Zoom ride map to route in log file viewer
  • Fixes for disconnected device indication
  • Change color interpolation for map polyline
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Fixes for opening log files
  • Fix Connected dialog flashing on repeated requests
  • Fix spelling in Robogotchi update dialog
  • Show ability to change between List and Calendar views


  • Added TCP Bridge to provide ESC data to other applications
  • Fix long decimal values seen in the ESC Configurator
  • Fixes for switching between menu items
  • Simplify the PPM Calibration routine
  • Fixes for Real Time data view with Multi ESC enabled
  • Display current initialization step in Connection dialog
  • Added reset button to Speed Profiles
  • Improvements to the Robogotchi Firmware update process
  • Adjust padding in Input Configuration view


  • Added Robogotchi firmware updater
  • Support for VESC FW5.2
  • Fixes for mosfet and esc temperature delta processing
  • Change in ESC packet processing if data alignment is lost


  • Support for editing input configuration
  • Re-enabled Pan and Zoom behavior on the ride log chart
  • Added button for selecting connected ESC settings
  • Estimate total time remaining in sync
  • New rides can be sorted by watt hours consumed
  • Displaying consumption in ride log viewer
  • Show Robogotchi firmware version notification after initialization
  • Allow connection to remain open if ESC is incompatible
  • Color GPS route on map based on speed
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • New logging file format
  • Reduced sync time
  • Estimate sync time remaining
  • Swipe right in ride logging list view to share CSV
  • Support for smart BMS on CAN ID 10 or 11
  • Updated map icons
  • Map centers on chart selection
  • Display top speed and highest ESC temp on map
  • Increase map size for larger devices
  • Reduced points rendered on chart and map
  • New secret “feature”
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Sharable fault reports
  • Display faults observed since power up
  • Chart in ride log viewer highlights faults
  • Data popup in ride log displays fault code
  • Faults are displayed on map when viewing ride log
  • Map fault indicator will report fault code
  • Faults observed report generated for each log
  • Fix duplicate timers on iOS


  • Fix incorrect date bug in calendar view
  • Fix hidden chart series selectors in Ride Log Viewer
  • Send NACK if no message is received during sync
  • Alert if Robogotchi is running unexpected firmware
  • Stop Robogotchi status timer before initiating sync


  • Fix database schema when creating for the first time
  • Fix missing DFU mode message
  • Fix hidden connect button with large system font
  • Fix flickering avatar in config tab on iOS
  • Allow connection attempts to be aborted
  • Showing connection attempt for all devices


  • Calendar view in logging tab (tap robot for old list view)
  • Robogotchi status bar displayed on connection tab
  • Fix discovered BLE devices grid to 2 items wide
  • Fix missing selected CAN devices from Robogotchi config editor
  • Sequentially communicate required data upon connection
  • Testing SafeArea in RideLogViewer to reveal chart series selection
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Will not attempt automatic reconnect
  • Notify user when disconnected
  • Display dialog when a connection attempt is in progress
  • Larger area to dismiss keyboard in ESC Configurator
  • Confirm before closing the ESC Configurator
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Show file sync on user input instead of device response
  • Send out syncstop message when user aborts file sync
  • Storing relative path to log files and board avatars
  • Increase height of RideLogChartOverlay
  • Display app version in title (temporary)


  • Use the imperial units user preference in ESC Profiles
  • Hide select series data on chart to reduce clutter
  • Switch Log Auto Start Duty Cycle to eRPM in Robogotchi Configuration
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Configurable Robogotchi alert thresholds
  • Store board avatar(s) in Shared Preferences
  • Board avatars can be selected from Gallery
  • Smooth voltage input on real time data
  • Disabled charting PanAndZoomBehvior for performance
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Add SafeArea where appropriate for various manufacturer occlusions
  • Capture state of ESC communication
  • Restrict ESC Configurator access to connected & communicating devices
  • Display message if Motor Configuration was not received


  • Added ESC Configurator for modification of settings
  • Default all users to dark theme
  • Reduced required user settings by requesting from ESC
  • Minor UI changes and bug fixes


  • Fix applying ESC profile minimum and maximum watts
  • Enforce negative value for Max Power Regen in ESC profile
  • Added Robogotchi Configuration Editor
  • Removed background location permission requirement
  • Ride Log Viewer supports dual and quad ESC configurations
  • Added confirmation before entering Robogotchi DFU mode


  • Editable ESC Profiles to control speed and power output
  • Display DieBieMS discharge as red progress bar in cell grid
  • Show DieBieMS State of Charge with current voltage
  • Fix DieBieMS battery temperature decimal place
  • Dart serializer for mc_configuration data structure
  • Minor UI adjustments and fixes


  • Editing board details sets the cursor to the end of the text field
  • Improved DieBieMS view
  • Added DieBieMS cell comparison
  • Evaluating asymmetric sigmoidal approximation for battery % remaining
  • Positioned RideLogViewChartOverlay to fit better on those smol phones


  • New location package that does not execute in background
  • DieBieMS Data Visualization
  • Non linear battery curve to estimate % remaining


  • Sync without Erase will not show last file until you switch back to logging tab
  • Sync with Erase while Logging is active will not erase files (could be robogotchi fw, see renee)
  • Chart in ride log viewer not optimized for large number of points. Try mp_charts
  • Duty Cycle gauge on Real Time tab may flicker the red highlight on and off
  • Editing board settings may put the input cursor at the start of the entry