An open source, rider-centric cross platform mobile application for VESC compatible ESCs and FreeSK8 devices

Compatible with VESC firmware 5.1+

Connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth using a Robogotchi, the built in adapter or an external radio module.

Robogotchi Logging

Sync your ride data, view status information and configure your Robogotchi from one place.

Smart BMS compatible

Works with DieBieMS and FlexiBMS smart Battery Management Systems connected via CAN bus.

Speed Profiles

Quickly alter your vehicles performance with speed and power limits.

Input Configuration

Setup your remote, adjust throttle curves or reconfigure your balance board.

Motor Configuration

Changing motors, sensor types, gear ratios and tires sizes made easy.

Real time statistics

View power remaining, power used, critical temperatures, distance traveled and more in real time.

TCP Bridge

Share your vehicle's Bluetooth connection over WiFi with other devices on your local network.

Vehicle Manager

Retire, Adopt or Remove vehicles you've previously connected to.